Louise’s education journey

I really liked school and learning in lots of different ways, like from videos online or playing games to learn things as I find it really hard to focus when reading.

Mental health has been very hard leading up to college because I feel stressed about succeeding and stressed about this new chapter. From talking to people, I realise what I feel normal and lots of people get stressed about this part of their life. I’ve also been struggling with reading and workload but I found breaking it all up worked wonders for me and giving myself time for different tasks.

It was really important for me to reach out to get help with my stress and for help with what direction I went in. My youth worker and my teachers at school helped me by explaining all my options to me and told me my routes to go down for my career. They also allowed me to return to them with any concerns I had so having somebody you can ask anything to is very important.

I know my education will open up doors and opportunities for me to succeed. I am very aspirational and I’m excited to see where education takes me. I love education, I really want to pursue a career in teaching and follow in up into the education sector. My dream is to be the Minister for Education one day!

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